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“The greatest thing in this world is not so much where we stand
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― Johann Wolfgang von Goethe

We provide psychological, counseling, and psychiatry services to our communities.

Psychological Therapy & Counseling Services

Many people have psychological health concerns from time to time. But a psychological health concern becomes a psychological illness when ongoing signs and symptoms cause frequent distress and affect your ability to function.

Mental Health Assessments & Testing

Testing and Assessment for children, adolescents and adults helps to define and understand personality, behavior, emotions, intelligence, and how they come together and can be a very useful tool in treatment.

Psychiatry Services

Psychiatric Services are highly effective and essential for many moderate to severe cases. At Great Lakes Counseling Centers we can offer help with Psychiatric Evaluations, Medication Management and Review, as well as Psychiatric Consultations.

Psychological distress, cognitive and behavioral problems, and alcohol and drug addiction are common in society. People of all age groups and different social, economic and cultural backgrounds can be and are affected. The cost, including financial and human suffering, to individuals, families, and society is enormous. But there is hope!

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Our licensed and or certified professionals are educated and skilled in the evaluation and treatment of these concerns and problems.

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